Learn to cook the Caribbean way

Would you like to learn how to cook Caribbean food the authentic way? In a local kitchen with local people? You could spend a morning or afternoon with one of our hosts and learn to cook an entire meal the typical Grenadian way. Sign up for one of our cooking workshops (2-3 hours) during your holiday and then sit back and enjoy the lunch or supper you have cooked – either as a takeaway or sitting chatting over the table with your cooking teacher.

Caribbean lunch with stewed peas, macaroni pie, stewed chicken and vegetables Caribbean lunch with stewed peas, macaroni pie, stewed chicken and vegetables

Caribbean hand-made sweets Irresistible Caribbean coconut candies, vanilla and chocolate fudge

Possible dishes include:

  • Oil down (the national dish is a delicious, filling stew made with breadfruit, ground provisions, callaloo and other vegetables, infused with coconut. Traditionally made with pork or fish, but it can also be completely vegan, in Rastafarian style! oildown


  • Caribbean vegetables – callaloo, fried plantain, green banana salad, roast breadfruit, christophene
  • Pumpkin or split-pea soup
  • Spicy chicken

Fried Jacks (small, tasty local fish) fried jacks

or Saltfish Souse

saltfish souse

                                     Rice and peasTraditional Caribbean food - rice and peas




Fried plantainfried plantain

  • Ground provisions, (yam, sweet potato, dasheen, tannia) 
  • Coo coo (a Caribbean version of polenta)
  • Macaroni Pie (rich and dense; beats plain old mac n cheese by far, believe us!)Macaroni_Pie_use


  • And if you still have room for dessert.. How does Nutmeg ice cream or Sweet potato pudding sound? 

sweet potato pudding

But don’t just take our word for it about how delicious Grenadian food is..


If you would like to experience Grenadian home cooking in the UK, and you are anywhere near Birmingham, check out the Evening Supper Club at www.tanrosie.com

Tereen Thomas Hood is your guide to Grenadian cuisine. She lives with her family in Marian, a quiet suburb of St.George’s. Everyone we’ve ever sent to stay with her has RAVED about her delicious traditional Caribbean home cooking.

A two-hour cooking workshop leads either to lunch (groups) or supper (single person) at Tereen’s family home.

  • 1 person US$80, a couple US$130, a family of 4 US$180 (includes all ingredients)
  • 2 days’ notice needed

You can contact her on (473)533 6675, by email on tereent@hotmail.com or book through us!

Tereen Thomas Hood, offering Caribbean cookery classes in the island of Grenada

Tereen is a one-woman introduction to the delights of Grenadian cuisine.
Lonely Planet Traveller, December 2014